Auto Release Heat Press Machine

Auto Release Heat Press Machine

This model adopts electronic magnetic control , when the time ready , the heat plate will open automatically , professional U design for t-shirts in the bottom .
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Auto Release Heat Press Machine

The principle of heat transfer machine

Heat transfer machine with three concepts, namely, pressure, temperature and time. Working Mechanism: heating by the heating plate, with a certain pressure, temperature and specific time, the upper layer and the thermo-transfer sheet bonded to the substrate or to the substrate material at the permeate.


(1) microcomputer intelligent temperature control \ time integrated controller, high accuracy (temperature accuracy of ± 0.5 ° C);

(2) heating wire and the heating plate the whole cast, safe, durable, heat distribution;

(3) heating plate coated with Teflon non-stick coating;

(4) Electronic time control, process completion signal alarm indication;

(5) pressure can easily adjust;

(6) floor installation of high-temperature silicone foam board, temperature 350 ° C without deformation.


Model: JC-5C-1

Size available: 40*60CM

Inch: 16x24

Auto release when time ready

CE Approval



 Voltage110V/60Hz & 220V/50Hz
Working Area40*60CM/16"*24"
Special size upon order    
Time range Adjustable
Temperature range0-399°C
PackingStrong carton box with form inside
Packing Size80x75x46CM


Operation Procedures

1. Open the machine , Plug in and turn on the power switch, the red flight will illuminate .

2. Adjust the “time and temperature controller” to set the right time and temperature needed for heat transfer (Normally 248F-392F/ 120°C-200°C).

3. Adjust the “Using Pressure adjuster” to set the using pressure. 

4. Adjust the “ Eccentricity pressure adjuster “ to set eccentricity pressure

5. Place the cloth on the down board ,cover the printing paper ,(please note the right surface of the paper), when the temperature ready ,press the handle down .(Please note the pressure should be no more than 30KG in case the handle will be distorted)

6. The Eccentricity pressure directly affect the heat plate can open automatic or not , please pay attention to the distinction of the using pressure with it , Regulation of the two pressures are complementary . 

7. When the time over, the upper heat plate will open automatically , the machine will music on .


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