16x24 Heat Press Transfer Machine

16x24 Heat Press Transfer Machine

Heat press machine can be a variety of heat transfer by thermal hot on cotton, hemp, chemical fiber fabrics, but also for screen printing, glue, foam, and other heat treatment process, but also the color color, portrait photos, landscape design and other baked in porcelain, metal plate, especially suitable for the production of medals, commemorative certificate card, economical and practical, exquisite designs. It is an alternative to traditional embroidery and screen printing, and costs, and the effect is much lower than and superior to the general multi-colored embroidery and screen printing.
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16x24 Heat Press Transfer Machine

1.Safe, durable, and economic
2.Electronic constant temperature control. Accuracy ± 2º C
3.Electronic time control: Precise time set-up
4.Pressure adjustable
5.It can imprint T-shirts,Ceramic Tiles,Mouse Pads,Jigsaw Puzzles,Fabrics & Materials,Other Misc



Heating press size40cm*60cm
Printing speed25pcs/h
Temperature Range0~399°C/0~750°F
Gross weight44KG
Packaging dimension80x75x46CM
Automatic gradesemi-auto


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