Swing Head Double Stations Heat Press

Swing Head Double Stations Heat Press

Pneumatic Swing Head Double Stations Heat Press.The heating plate is made with pure aluminium,has been painted by Teflon on the surface, so it wont be sticky with materials.heating energy distributed evenly and durably on the surface.
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Product Details

Swing Head Double Stations Heat Press

Technical Parameters

Product NameSwing away double stations pneumatic heat transfer machine
Brand & ModelJiangchuan ,JC-7A-2
Printing size40×50cm
Time & Temp range0-999s,0-399℃
Packing size(cm)104×90×93
Warranty1 year,oversea service available

Product Features
1. Quick disconnect design allows both platens to be changed in less than 5 minutes;
2. Large diameter air cylinder generates even and repeatable pressure across the entire surface of each plate;
3. Digital temperature and time controls with precise settings to +_2degrees/seconds;
4. The radiation tube and the heating plate in whole, which is safe, durable
5. Practical commercial daily use and good performance

7A-2 karina 2017.12

Platen configuration specifies how the press opens and closes. Clamshell is the most common type of heat press. Swing away and drawer type is less common. Platen size determines the maximum size of the print. Commonly used sizes are 16" x 20" and 15" x 15". The heat press is operated either manually or may be pneumatically controlled wherein its air pressure is used to open and close the press and also for applying the pressure.

The major drawback of heat press printing process is the wastage of transfer paper. For each print, one sheet is required and can't be reused for more prints like screens in screen printing.


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