Printing Sublimation Large Format Heat Press

Printing Sublimation Large Format Heat Press

The heat press machine is the high grade heat transfer printing equipment, the production efficiency 2-3 times higher than the manual press machine. it also save power, and can press product of several centimeters thick with balanced pressure and convenient operation. Comparing with the similar products, it features voltage regulation, casting body, module design, microcomputer control. It is suitable for all heat transfer printing, thermal dye sublimation, fabric embossing, leather embossing and foaming for clients with big orders.
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Product Details

Printing Sublimation Large Format Heat Press

Machinery Parameter

Machine NO.JC-7B
Heating plate size(CM)40*40
Voltage(V)220/380 V
Power(KW)3.2 KW
Temp Range(°C)0-399
Time Range (S)0-999
weight (KG)120 kg
Packing Size(CM)120*78*145 CM
Machine typeHydraulic heat press machine
Work stationTwo



1.Adopted pneumatic device

 It contains two locations, paralleled moving the bottom work tables left and right, very smooth

 This machine adopts thicken heat plate to ensure the temperature more equality and steady .

4. Double stations.


1. As safe transport, the machine do not allowed fill too much oil. When you get the machine ,please add Anti freezing and anti wear hydraulic oil. (About 20L )

2. We have finished the adjusting the pressure of the machine before sending the goods .When you indeed to adjust it please adjust it with help of technician.
Pressure: If the pressure is not big enough, Adjust this screw, clockwise to increase the pressure, anti-clockwise to reduce the pressure.(Please note that he pressure dial scale won't beyond 40, otherwise it will broken easily.)
3. Time: When the set time finish, but the bottom  plate doesn't return to the bottom .
  1)Check the oil pressure if it is normal.
  2)Check the electric wire if it get damage.

4. Temperature: When the set time finish, and the
machine's indication light is bright, but the heating plate is
not hot, please check the circuit.

5. If any quality problem please contact our company.

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