Press Printing Machine

Press Printing Machine

A heat press machine is the machine that presses a transfer onto an imprintable substrate. Using high temperatures and pressures for a certain amount of time, the transfer is permanently embedded into the product.
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Product Details

Press Printing Machine

Technical parameters

Machine NO.JC-7B-1
Heating plate size(CM)40*50
Voltage(V)220/380 V
Power(KW)3.5 KW
Temp Range(°C)0-399
Time Range (S)0-999
weight (KG)122 kg
Packing Size(CM)125*84*80 CM
Work stationTwo
FeatureEasy Operation


 Patented pressure adjustment has numbered settings so that you can repeat the exact pressure for all of your different products.

 Calibrated thermostat before ex-factory, temperature accuracy under ±2°C

 1-year warranty on heating element and other components. 



1. This machine must be protected by safe and reliable ground wire.

2. During heating up and operation, please do not touch the heater to avoid scalding.

3. To get successful sublimation effect, it should be correct time, temperature and pressure; the thickness and material of the heating sublimation products and the ink and paper also will affect the sublimation effect.

4. Before large scale production, you must make some sample test to make sure the best time, temperature, pressure etc.

5. The temperature controller is complicated, except the temperature setting, please do not make other setting to avoid program error and broken.

6. Don’t put your hand on the working plate when the machine is working, for prevent your hand from burns

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