Heat Transfer Label Machine

Heat Transfer Label Machine

20 years manufacturing experience for heat press machine and sublimation blanks,Regardless factory size,export volume,product designs or styles,we are at top supplier in China.we also have technical teams to support life-long quality support.
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Product Details

Heat Transfer Label Machine


Voltage110 V /220 V
Time range0s-999S
Max temp0-250
Printing area10"*39"
Gross weight83KGS
Package size126X110X60CM
FeatureLCD controller+laser cutting+thicker heating plate+even pressure

Product Application

The Heat Press Machine features digital temperature and timing controls for t-shirt,label, easy pressure adjustments and a soft mesh heating element for full wraps on even inconsistent surfaces.


How to use Heat Press

1. Choose the image or design the artwork you want to press onto the T-shirt.

2.Print the reversed image or artwork onto heat transfer paper.

3.Cut out any parts of the transfer paper you do not want to press onto the T-shirt. 

4.Lay the mirrored artwork or image face down over your chosen T-shirt.

5.Place the artwork and T-shirt in between the plates of a heat press.


In the last year we had sold exceed 5000+ units/years.As the quality and price are prior so we recommend you could order that models for the following reasons.

1.Save your profit at least 20%
2.Five years warranty in heating elements
3.Stable quality as each unit pass through 5 strict QC process
4.Faster producing & delivery time

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