Heat Press Transfer Machine Clamshell

Heat Press Transfer Machine Clamshell

Guangzhou Jangchuan Pneumatic Double Stations Heat Press Machine for T-Shirts.This heat transfer machine can transfer or pyrograph color designs or characters onto cotton , fiber etc . In a word , it is economical and practical .
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Product Details

Heat Press Transfer Machine Clamshell

Machinery Parameter

Product nameDouble stations pneumatic heat transfer machine
Heat plate size(cm)50*70
Temp range(℃)0-399
Time range(s)0-999
Pre-heat up timeAbout 15 minutes
Packing size(cm)85×77×158
AdvantageMost practical and classic model,entry level,good for beginner

High pressure machine Product Feature:

1, electronic digital temperature and time, the double screen display, more humanized design;


2, microcomputer control, constant temperature time, automatic control, time pressure adjustment is convenient, the pressure can be up to 8 kg/CM;


3, high temperature resistant thickening silica gel pad use baking even the printing pressure and 400 degrees of deformation;

 JC-26E H5


1. The press must be reliable grounding, can put into work, to ensure safety in production operation.


2. Air pressure should choose appropriate, don't disorderly adjustment pressure valve, in order to avoid pressure too much damage to the machine.


3. It is strictly prohibited in the process of ironing below the handle knob stretch into the heating plate, so as not to cause burns.


4. In the process of press, in case of special circumstances, can press the urgent stop switch, cut off all the power and heating plate automatic rise, can avoid the accident.


5. End of the work, staff leave must cut off the total power supply, air switch is closed .

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