Football Shirt Printing Heat Press Machine

Football Shirt Printing Heat Press Machine

This machine can transfer any images of portrait or scenery onto flat materials, such as T-shirt, chemical fiber products, wood, ceramic tile, mouse pad, metal board etc . It specially suits for making colorful T-shirts, medal, and commemorate card sand so on, very popular with many fields. Our machines are in good quality and competitive price.
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Product Details

Football Shirt Printing Heat Press Machine

Technical Parameters

Machine NO.JC-7A-2
Print area(CM)40*40
Power(KW)3.2 KW
Machine typePneumatic heat press machine
Temp Range(°C)0-399
Time Range (S)0-999
weight (KG)94 kg
Packing Size(CM)102*60*90 CM
Air compressor requiredRequired



1. Electronic digital thermostat control the temperature, high accuracy(+-2°C)

2. Fever imported aluminum casting thermal conductivity principle, power saving, temperature uniformity, temperature coefficient is small.

3. Electronic time control, the process to complete the signal indication.

How to operate

1. Connect with air compressor gas connector, open air  pressure, the heating plate the pressure gauges modulation(4pb- 6Pb) rising pressure adjustable up to 8Pb.

2. Plugged in, turn on the power switch, power indicator light was significantly brighter.

3. The thermometer adjusted to the desired temperature(usually 120°C-200°C)

4. Schedules adjusted to the desired time(usually for about 10-30 seconds)

5. Machine ready to enter the work state, please be substrates flat on the workbench, and then stacked on transfer paper(Note: the front and back of the transfer paper)



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