Double Heating Plate Heat Press Machine

Double Heating Plate Heat Press Machine

Aerodynamic heat press for single work places adopting advanced technology to control the electric is improved product of the former single-stage machine. It's convenient for working because you can pull and push the working table by hand in order to put and get materials freely. This flatbed heat press machine is used for T-shirts, cloth, pants, metal sheet, etc.
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Double Heating Plate Heat Press Machine


Machine NO.JC-7A-2
Print area(CM)40*40
Power(KW)3.2 KW
MOQ1 Set
StationSingle station
weight (KG)94 kg
Packing Size(CM)102*60*90 CM
Warranty1 year
PackageWooden case



. Sliding working table, easy to operate.
. High speed, work together with air pump.
. Special heating board and heating pipes, with even heating.
. Suitable for assembly line work.
. Facilitate the adjustment of pressure; widely used in factory assembly line work Elegant & beautiful structure.


Guarantee & After sales Service

Comprehensive guarantee for one year except the wearing parts.
24-hour technical support by email or calling.
User-friendly English manual for machine using. 

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