Best Price Large Format Heat Press

Best Price Large Format Heat Press

Double Station Pneumatic Digital Flat Garment Heat Press Machine Large Format Heat transfer presses are the perfect solution for small businesses, include heat transfer papers. This simple machine can make transferring your images to T-shirts, jeans, pillow cases, jigsaw puzzles, mouse pads, ceramic tiles etc any flat surface.
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Product Details

Best Price Large Format Heat Press


High Grade Silicon Roller Heat Transfer Machine 

1.Double silde out working table 

2.High pressure 

3.Pneumatic auto 


Product Description


Time range0-999s
Temp range0-300°C
Printing area80cm x 100cm(31"x39")
Package size150*105*165CM

It has double slide out working table but only need one person to operate it.

    • More convenient for printing.

    • Higher pressure

    • Suitable for large size printing material.


Product features

Unique front pressure adjustment mode, the pressure adjustment, convenient and flexible

Digital display of electronic time, the process automatically issued a warning tone

Aluminum heating plate, electric tube and plate body pouring into one, uniform heating, durable

The surface of the heating surface is coated with high temperature and anti - adhesive layer, which is convenient for cleaning and anti-oxidation.



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