40x60 Heat Press Machine

40x60 Heat Press Machine

With heat ,time and pressure, This machine can heat transfer your graphic design on to a receptive material like a T-shirt, plate, jigsaw puzzle, and other such items that are receptive to the heat press.
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Product Details

40x60 Heat Press Machine

Machinery Parameter

Machine NO.JC-7A-2
Print area(CM)40*60
Power(KW)3.5 KW
Temp Range(°C)0-399
Time Range (S)0-999
weight (KG)102 kg
Packing Size(CM)102*70*90 CM
Recommend compressorRequired
Bottom platePush-pull



1. Stable running, deforming free and low noise

2. Fully digital temperature & Time control

3. Teflon-coated thick heating platen, speed & even heater technology

4. Pull-push  type work bench saves labor and provides high transfer speed


How to operate

1. Connect with air compressor gas connector, open air  pressure, the heating plate the pressure gauges modulation(4pb- 6Pb) rising pressure adjustable up to 8Pb.

2. Plugged in, turn on the power switch, power indicator light was significantly brighter.

3Machine ready to enter the work state, please be substrates flat on the workbench, and then stacked on transfer paper(Note: the front and back of the transfer paper)

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