16 X 20 Pneumatic Heat Press

16 X 20 Pneumatic Heat Press

Pneumatic Shaking head Swing away double stations heat transfer machine JC-7A-2.It is very suitable for heat transfer printing logo, icon image, photo to t-shirt, Jersey. It can offer high quality pritnign effect, the printing image can not fade away.
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16 X 20 Pneumatic Heat Press


ControllerDigital controller
Printing size40×50cm
Time & Temp range0-999s,0-399℃
Quality ControlAll products passed the inspection by professional QC team
Warranty1 year
PaymentPaypal,T/T,Western Union
Packing size104×90×93cm


1. Displaying thermostatic controller, it is easy to set certain temperature and press time.

2. Heating tube and heating board are integrated in whole panel, the temperature error is controlled under ±2.

3. Standard 2 cm sponge pad and 3 mm silicone pad on the bottom worktable which can bear high temperature up to 400.


Heat Transfer (Sublimation)

Sublimation printing eliminates the need of making a separate screen for each colour and the process time is reduced as all the colours are transferred to the garment in one application as opposed to the screen printing where each colour has to be squeezed through a separate screen.

The principle behind sublimation printing is the chemical bonding of the colour with the substrate. Hence it is more durable than the screen prints provided right pressure, temperature and time is used.  Sublimation transfer simplifies and reduces the process to just two steps

1) Printing on the transfer paper

2) Heat pressing colour on the garment

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