Roller Oil Sublimation Machine

Roller Oil Sublimation Machine

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Product Details

Roller Oil Sublimation Machine

Technical Parameters

Product NameMultifunctional roller heat transfer machinery
Model NumberJC-26B
Drum diameter(mm)210
Gross weight (KG)450
Package dimension(cm)204X114X155 
Air Compressor RequiredRequired
Working TableIncluding

(1) The shape of machine is small and does not take up space,economical and practical.

(2) Control panel is intelligent and simple,its easy to operate.

(3) Built-in oil tank,automatic close valve,heat transfer oil is very convenient,high safety performance,explosion-proof unique advantages.

(4) In case of emergency or unnecessary use,the blanket can be completely separated from the machine to protect the blanket and increase its service life.


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