Hot Roller Press Machine

Hot Roller Press Machine

Digital controller CE tested cheap used ty-shirt printing heat transfer machine.We have professional engineer to service you at any time.
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Product Details

Hot Roller Press Machine

Technical Parameters

Model Oil heating roller machine
Drum Width(m)1.2
Roller diameter(mm)210
Voltage(V)220/380/420,3P is available
Temp Range(°C)0-399
Time Range (S)0-999
UsageCloths Printer
Blanket MaterialNomex:High Temperature Resistance
Type Heat Press Machine

(1) The manual blanket alignment is convenient to adjust the sides of the blanket and keep a parallel position.

(2) Explosion proof device connection a built-in fuel tank to improve the security of machine.

(3) Special device for putting fabric, preventing the fabric deformation, especially the elastic fabric.

(4) It’s adopt durable PVC belt to reach long service life and transfer effect better.


This model sell to USA , mexico , europe , such as iran , italy , germany and so on.

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