Heated Roller Press

Heated Roller Press

Digital clam roll to roll dye fabric rolls silicon roller for heat transfer printing machine. Higher diameter will have higher speed.
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Product Details

Heated Roller Press

Technical Parameters

TypeRoller heat sublimation
Roller diameter 21cm
Roller width120cm
Power 6KW
Temp Range 0-399°C
Time Range0-999S
Sublimation Speed  30-60m/h
Color & PageMulticolor
MOQOne set

(1) The machine adopts the latest advanced technology,without long cooling time.

(2) the blanket and heating drum can be separated manually.

(3) It is suitable for the roller fabric and cut pieces and the working efficiency is 60-120m/h.

(4) Two kinds of oridinary and high matching version,the high matching version increases the pressure function and the automatic collect the edge function,and the other two machines can add the function of rolling fabric.


According to the size and quantity of machine,small size machines can be fishined in 3 days,large size machines can be finished in a week.

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