Flag Rotary Heat Press Machine

Flag Rotary Heat Press Machine

2019 wholesale 1.7x210 multifunction textile printing roll to roll heat press machine.
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Flag Rotary Heat Press Machine


Product NameMultifunctional roller heat transfer machinery
Model NumberJC-26B
Drum diameter(mm)210
Gross weight (KG)920
Package dimension(cm)248X100X165 
 UsageCloths Printer, Flag, Tent, Jersey
ApplicationRoller / Cut piece

(1) Use frequency conversion governor which can adjust the printing speed freely. And the transfer printing speed is more stable.

(2) The eletric components of the product are imported, and it separated structure of the electric box with the body machine makes the using life of the electrical equipment longer, the digital controll brings higher accuracy.

(3) The hardware is with high-tech cnfirguration. The main wall panel and rollers are all reinforced and manufacture professionally.

JC-26E H8

If you need machine videos,data sheet,and user manual,please contact us.

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