Big Roller Heat Transfer Machine

Big Roller Heat Transfer Machine

Jiangchuan Brand Roller Oil Drum Heating Sublimation Printing Machine Calander .This machine can set the working date and time according to customer’s requrement.
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Product Details

Big Roller Heat Transfer Machine


ControllerDigital controller
Roller diameter600MM*1800MM
Voltage220/380/420/480 3 Phase is available
Time & Temp range0-999s,0-399℃
Quality ControlAll products passed the inspection by professional QC team
Warranty1 year
PaymentPaypal,T/T,Western Union
Packing size263x167x171CM

Product Description

1.Professional Heat-transfer manufacturer, located at Guangzhou City,Guangdong. Over 17years produce experience.

2.Use China branded electric parts, Top Grade Steel.

3.Well-Polished Drum in 16mm thickness and DuPond Blanket.


Machine breakdown handing 


The machine could occur breakdown during it's working, breakdown handing can be divided into two types:

un-stop working and stop working


Un-stop working breakdown handing:


A. Found that the roller engraving embedded in a small amount of paste piece of grain or fluffy stuff, etc,

could use small copper wire brushes brush away at the roller point. If it doesn't brush away, stop the machine

working and then removed it.

B. Found very fine stripes on the roller surface. Could use small fine stone roughing it at the roller point, if it

doesn't roughing, stop the machine working and send it to the carving workshop repair.

It's rarely found this breakdown in chrome plated roller.

C. If you found the depth color is different between both sides and middle place, could adjust the pressure on

both sides, or adjust the spacing between axis and roller, don't to make it too much tight.

D. If you found the axis, roller or other parts are loosing by strenuous vibration, you should fasten the screw

and nut in time.

E. If you found mis-pattern, could adjust it by machine working slowly .

F. When the blanket is shifting, could adjust it by pull the chain wheel to assigned position.

G. When found the cloth has staining situation, should turn big the drying steam valve, to increase the steam

temperature and the cloth dryness.

H. When found the cloth or blanket tension is too big or too small, should adjust the speed between units or

tension device in time, make sure supply proper tension.

I. When the moisture of Water scrubbing cloth sides is unevenness , could adjust the axis sides pressure.

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