67 Inch Roll Heat Press Machine

67 Inch Roll Heat Press Machine

This Machine can be sublimated logo or type, solvent type ink, high temperature and pressure, and a certain amount of time, heat transfer printed hemp, chemical fiber and other material. Consistent temperature, without any color error even in continuous transfer printing, thus to get a clear printing effect.
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Product Details

67 inch Roll Heat Press Machine

Technical Parameters

Brand NameJiang Chuan
Item NameHeat Transfer Rotary
Printing/drum width1700 mm  67 inch
Roller diameter420 mm  16.5 inch
Rated output25.5 KW
Weight1800 KG
Packing size2630 x 1390 x1600 mm
Feeding MethodTop feeding
Working TableIncluding
Other Size Available 
Air Compressor Required Required
Blanket MaterialNomex: High temperature resistance
Drum SurfaceChrome: High hardness and abrasion performance
Drum Oil 100%
Temperature range(℃)0-399
Time range(S)0-999



PLC touch screen controller panel in one panel with simple and elegant, circuit board is in external surface in order to extend the components long life.

Automatic smart roller skew adjustment system, it make the normal position of carpet on continuous printing running.

The drum adopt the heating oil system, it can distribute the temperature more uniformity and stability, is more saving power and time on operation. Teflon painting surface on the roller, it has the advantage of high hardness, abrasion resistance.

Top configuration of hardware, the main wall panel and all rollers are elaborately made and reinforced.

u  Chrome-plating technology being adopted for the cylinder, it has the advantage of high hardness, abrasion resistance, and anti-bonding performance and good transfer printing effect.


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