1800mm Roller Heat Press Machine

1800mm Roller Heat Press Machine

Security Commercial Roll To Roll Heat Transfer Machine Flexible High Pressure.Adopt imported American "Dupont" brand blanket, thick is 8mm, transfer results is very good, long life.
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Product Details

1800mm Roller Heat Press Machine

Technical Parameters

Voltage(v)220/380/420/480 3 Phase is available
HeatingOil-based heating pipe
Drum diameter(mm)600MM/23.6Inch
Drum width(mm)1800MM
Working speed0-8m/min
Packing size300x177x177CM

1. The blanket is separated automatically and the high-precision silicone pressure balance bar is used to adjust the pressure between the blanket and the roller to

effectively reduce the tension of the blanket and extend the service life of the blanket;

2. Adopt scientific design, three-putting and rewinding(three-putting: putting fabric, transfer paper, and protection paper; three rewindings; rewinding fabric, used transfer paper and protection paper), equipment operation is more convenient, labor-saving; Double-layer oil drum, 100% full heating oil, the surface temperature is ±1-2ºC.


How to Operation Roll to Roll Heat Press Machine?

Roll to roll heat press machine multifunction smart energy-saving technology, intelligent controller, auto repair flatness and other advanced technology, goodtemperature stability, temperature balance, simple operation; excellent quality,manufactured from a professional; win the market, beer from customers; high stability, high quality results, is the key to digital printing and artwork copy!


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